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The Jesus Documentary
The Jesus Documentary
Tina Ki Chabbi
Tina Ki Chabbi
Lonely Planet

Designed to satisfy the creative and production needs of discerning producers and directors who wish to explore the unexplored and enter the psyche called India. A land of a billion people and home to the biggest movie making hub in the world – Bollywood.

At Kosmik Global we strive to provide our partners with a completely integrated & transparent solution for production in India, which can be customized according to the needs of each individual project - no matter what size.

The team members having worked across the complete media spectrum with cross – functional responsibilities bring onto the table, their long-standing relationships with the top of the line creative & technical crews as well as facilities providers in the country. Kosmik Global acts as the Line Producer, providing production services, handling the entire logistics including scouting, budgeting, scheduling, accounts and production support


  • Script / Story Board Breakdown
  • Preparing budgets and shooting schedules
  • Location services such as Scouting & Recce
  • Travel & Logistic Advisory (Visa & Custom)
  • Consult on taxation & legal requirements
  • Suggested Locations & Prelim Schedule
  • Analysis of client budgets and shooting schedules
  • Legal Advisory (Govt. Liaison & Local permissions)
  • Obtain Insurances
  • Co-ordinate the Import & Export of production equipment & goods


  • Crew Hiring / Referrals
  • Unit management
  • Casting Services
  • Production Design, Sets & Props
  • Catering
  • TLB
  • Fully equipped production office
  • Sound Post
  • Contracts between local personnel & companies
  • Become the employer of record for cast & crew
  • Facilities & Gear / Equipment Hire
  • Lighting & Grips crew
  • Transport
  • Coordinating with Lab / Post house for dailies
  • Visual effects & Picture Post
  • Account services (incl. cost audit by the big3 if requested for)

We understand that each production has a unique set of objectives and for us at Kosmik Global each project is a great new beginning, evaluated on its own merits and uniquely challenging deliverables.

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