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Traces of Sandalwood
Traces of Sandalwood
Traces of Sandalwood
Traces of Sandalwood
Traces of Sandalwood
Traces of Sandalwood
Traces of Sandalwood
Traces of Sandalwood
Traces of Sandalwood
Traces of Sandalwood
Tina ki Chaabi
The Latin Divas of Comedy
Spy School

Some of our Portfolio:


A story of hope and love across Mumbai and Barcelona. From India to the Mediterranean and all the way back

Director: Maria Ripoll
Producer: Pontas SL
Starring: Nandita Das
Line Producer: Kosmik Global Pvt Ltd

Good Sharma

An Indian taxi driver in New York goes back to his village and builds a school for girls

Director: Suri Krishnama
Co-Producer: Real Mc Coy, USA
Kosmik Global: Executive Producer | Line Production

Hansie - A true story

The story of South Africa’s golden boy of cricket-Hansie Cronje’s fall from grace and his own and family’s traumatic journey

Director: Regardt Van Den Bergh
Co-Producer: GCS, South Africa
Kosmik Global: Line Production


Anjuman is a young girl of old Lucknow, who dares to dream of changing her life and of those around her

Director: Muzaffar Ali
Producer: Kosmik Global

Flamenco in Bollywood {In Production}

A Spanish Indian film, with bittersweet tinges of love and humor

Director: Onil Ganguly
Producer: Sorolla Films, Spain


A highly revered Brahmin priest adopts an abandoned child. However, the child’s mother returns. What follows next can only be only described as a journey as the Priest defies what he has believed his entire life and listens to his inner conscience.

Director:Bhavna Talwar
Starring :Pankaj Kapur
  • Nargis Dutt Award for best film on National Integration. 2007
  • Official Closing Film of the ‘Cinema of the World’ India Section at Cannes Film Festival 2007, Cannes
  • Official Closing Night Film and North America Premier at the 2007 South Asian International Film Festival, New York
  • Nominated for the Gucci Group Award at the 64th Venice Film Festival, 2007
  • Best Film Award at the Third Asian Festival of First Films, 2007, Singapore

Kya Tum Ho

A daring attempt to address subjects that are considered taboo in Indian Cinema.

Director: Anish Ahluwalia
Producer: WSG Films
Kosmik Global: Line Production


A spoof on the Hindi Film “Dhoom”

Producer: MTV Networks
Kosmik Global: Line Production


Set against the backdrop of a traditional Indian musical gharana, the films brings alive the passions, pain, longing and despair of the the players in the film, which is essentially a musical painting of a woman’s life.

Director:Suhail Tatari
Network:Zee TV
Producer:Kosmik Global

Arjun Verma

The quintessential angry young man

Director:Sandeep Varma
Network:Zee TV
Kosmik Global:Executive Producer | Line Production | Post Production

Tina ki Chaabi

A group of people, because their greed, find themselves in situations that threaten their survival and when fate throws them all together it leads to mad caper comedy.

Director: Amit Saxena
Producer: Kosmik Global

The Original Latin Divas of Comedy

Hosted by comedian Alex Reymundo, The Original Latin Divas of Comedy features funny ladies Marilyn Martinez, Sara Contreras, Monique Marvez and Sandra Valls. The ladies will keep you laughing out loud as they recount some of their more hilarious experiences, such as Sandra Valls growing up Mexican and Lesbian in Texas! Sara Contreras, a Puerto Rican single mom, living in an upper class Jewish neighborhood in Jersey; Marilyn Martinez, a regular at L.A.’s Comedy Store, who’s been making ‘em laugh for over 20 years and Monique Marvez, a Cuban from Miami, who’s been featured at the Montreal Comedy Festival and hosts her own radio show in San Diego.

Director: Scott L.Montoya
Artists: Sara Contreras, Marilyn Martinez
Producer: Kosmik Global Entertainment

Spy School

Spy School is a American comedy-drama film, released outside the United States as Doubting Thomas or Lies and Spies. The films stars Forrest Landis and Anna Sophia Robb as the lead characters. The movie focuses on the adventures of Thomas Miller, in his efforts to save the President's daughter from being kidnapped.

Director: Mark Blutman
Artists: Forrest Landis, Annasophia Robb
Producer: Kosmik Global Entertainment


Annapoorani is the daughter of Seetha and Raghunath, MD of a software company. She has everything in life-Loving family, friends and studies in a convent where she is a 10th standard class student. The school organizes an educational tour to Ooty. Annapoorani takes part in the tour and goes to Ooty with her friends accompanied by her class teachers. In Ooty they stay in a palace like guest house. Annapoorani Meets Kanna (Raja) who is the group's tour guide also he is a florist. As usual they are at loggerheads, but eventually they get closer to each other and their friendship blossoms into love. Thus leading a twist in the story.

Director: Aananth
Artists: Prakashraj, Seetha, Raja
Producer: Kosmik Global Entertainment
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