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The Jesus Documentary
The Jesus Documentary
Six stories - Sneha
Six stories - Sneha
Tiger Diaries
Best Film Award - at the Woodpecker Festival 2014
Best Film Award - at the Woodpecker Festival 2014

Documentaries enrich lives because they have the ability to engage and connect people, transform communities and improve societies. We at Kosmik Global Media have a reputation for creating natural history documentaries, social documentaries and community related documentaries. Our documentary content aims to stimulate and inspire through creative excellence, high technical standards and engaging story telling. We have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry like NGC, Animal Planet, and our documentaries have been telecast across the globe on broadcast networks like National Geographic, Animal Planet, and Sony.

We have seen the best results through collaboration. As such, we co-produce with companies from around the world, sharing what we learn and creating best practices.

Some of our Portfolio:

Tigress Blood

Producer:Kosmik Global for Discovery Networks
Kosmik Global: Executive Producer | Line Production | Research | Post Production

In a forest in central India, four tigresses rewrite the rules of tiger behavior. Tigress Blood is a coming of age story of four sister tigers as they battle each other for control of their natal territory – Telia Lake in the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. When confronted with the incredible challenge of surviving as individual hunters, they are forced to rely on family blood ties. Tigers are solitary hunters. However, the four sisters join forces to hunt co-operatively. Together they are an unstoppable force as they kill potentially dangerous prey, climaxing in a never-before-filmed hunt of a family of tigers killing a sloth bear.

  • Winner Best Film on Forest and Wildlife at the Woodpecker Festival 2014.

Asia – Secret Lives, Hidden Places

Kaziranga National Park: India – Where Wild Things Roam

Producer: EIKON, Autentic, LIC for NDR / ARTE and supported by Nordmedia, Finas
Kosmik Global: Line Production | Cinematography

Behind the veil of tourism in Asia’s most stunning National Parks, people and animals share the same backyard. Unlike protected areas in North America and Europe, the diverse endangered habitats of Asia are almost always home to people as well as wildlife. This series explores how people and animals live and survive together. The result is a fusion of great stories, engaging characters and rare and threatened wildlife against a backdrop of drama and beauty.

The Pad Piper

This one hour documentary is on the man who invented a low cost sanitary napkin machine. It may not sound path breaking, but in the context of developing nations, Arunachalam Muruganantham is responsible for changing the face of menstrual hygiene for thousands of women. And giving them dignity.

Kosmik Global: Line Production
  • Winner Best Film on Science and Technology in 2013 at the 61st National Film Awards given by the President of India
  • Official Invitation by the UN for the 17th United Nations Association Film Festival, 2014, USA
  • Official Screening at the 9th VIBGYOR International Short & Documentary Film Festival 2014, India
  • Official Screening at the 1st New Taipei City Documentary Forum 2014, Taiwan

Tiger Queen

Filmed over 3 years in the jungles of Ranthambhore, this natural history follows the battle for survival between the reigning but old Queen, Machli, and her dominant daughter T17.

Producer: Kosmik Global for Nat Geo Wild | NDR Nature Films
Kosmik Global: Executive Producer | Line Production | Research | Post Production
  • Nominated for Best Documentary at the 12th Mumbai International Film Festival, Mumbai, February 2012
  • Finalist for Best Natural History Film at the 16th Asian Television Awards, Singapore, December 2011
  • German version “Indian Tiger: Königstiger-Kampf ums Überleben” was nominated for Best Story at the 10th International NaturVision Film Festival, Germany, July 2011
  • Winner of the Best Cinematography Award at the 3rd Jaipur International Film Festival, Jaipur, January 2011
  • Selected for screening at the 4th Toxics Link Environmental Film Festival: Quotes from the Earth, Delhi, December 2010
  • Selected for screening at the 5th National Short and Documentary Film Festival by the Jatin Das Centre of Art, Bhubaneshwar, December 2010
  • Nominated for the Vasundhara Award for Best Environmental film at the 3rd Short Film Centre Festival, Goa, October 2010

Green Bastions

Most of rural India has not gone to schools that would have taught them the importance of conservation, the buzzword of today, but they seem to understand it nevertheless. Not only do they believe in conservation, but they go out of their way to actually conserve. These are stories of some of them…

Kosmik Global: Producer | Executive Producer | Line Producer

Clash of the Tiger Queens

Machli is now 12 years old and past her prime, yet she reigns over the coveted lake area in Ranthambhore. It is time for a new queen. Which one of her daughter's will take over…or will it be an outsider…

Producer: Kosmik Global for Animal Planet US
Kosmik Global: Executive Producer | Line Production | Research | Post Production

Six Stories

The stories of six individuals from the slums of Mumbai and their struggles as a wife, mother and woman.

Producer: Sneha & Mindseye Entertainment Private limited
Kosmik Global: Direction | Executive Producer | Line Production | Post Production

The Jesus Project

An investigation on whether Jesus existed.

Producer: CCCI, USA
Kosmik Global: Executive Producer | Line Production | Post Production

The King: Video Art Installation

Maryam Jafri is an artist working in video, performance and photography. “The King” was a video art installation based on the Mughal invader Babar.

Producer: Maryam Jafri
Kosmik Global: Executive Producer | Line Production | Post Production

Lonely Planet

Julian Rosefeldt, artist, film and video art, portrays a Western backpacker on a trip through India, as he moves through a series of clichéd sequences.

Kosmik Global: Line Production

Under Production:

India’s New Worlds – Wandering Lions:

Producer: Kosmik & Ammonite UK
Partners: Earth Touch, Discovery India

India’s New Worlds – Return from Oblivion

Producer:Kosmik Global and Ammonite UK
Partners: Earth Touch, Discovery India

India’s New Worlds – The Badlands of Chambal:

Producer:Kosmik Global and Ammonite UK
Partners: Earth Touch, Discovery India

Tiger Diaries:

Producer:Kosmik Global
Partners: Discovery India

India The Bear Country

Producer: Kosmik Global
Partners: Discovery India
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